The process is your DNA:

Our definition wrapped up in one sentence: situation analysis, vision formulation, project organization, reorganization strategies (change management), on-site implementation, knowledge transfer to the customer and transformation into the future.

The process is your DNA

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We create space for lateral thinking. Crafting a vision is essential to guide the project and develop a plan for the future of your business. Using methodical analysis and moderation techniques, we implement your vision with a clear work structure. This approach results in a clear path for making smart decisions and investing in the future.



We realize your potential with a strict process orientation. After assessing your existing processes and understanding their interlocking components, reorganization can start. Our work determines weaknesses in your organization and identifies key points of intervention to implement a new process flow. We structure the project by coordinating people and synchronizing work tasks. Our approach considers the complex relationship between processes and focuses on developing flexibility within your organization. Ion3 provides you with an out-of-the-box perspective and expert guidance to implement solutions.


We pull the lever for change. Today’s businesses face digitalization, evolving demographics and rapid globalization. At Ion3 we design a transformation to prepare your business for the current and future challenges, so that you are always one step ahead. We embrace change and guide your business through the process of transformation. We track the results of the transformation hermeneutically, conducting feasibility and risk analysis with our expert, end-to-end-view.

PROCESS OPTIMIZATION in the supply chain

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Materials management is out of control.

We restructured the production logistics for the customer. All logistical processes were analyzed for their weaknesses and adjusted together with the customer. This included the flow of materials, inventories, booking processes and also employee training. The implementation was carried out using familiar tools such as lean manufacturing. As a result, the customer's staff productivity has increased.


Output in production urgently needs to be increased.
An increase in the efficiency of production is necessary.

In cooperation with the customer, production was broken down into individual process steps and the bottleneck identified. A stable production plan was established by optimizing set-up times on the machines and production lines and ensuring the reliable provision of materials. All processes were designed to be reproducible. This enabled an increase in efficiency to be achieved.

Rescuing the supply chain.

Suppliers were realigned to improve utilization of production facilities. Critical supplier chains were identified and optimized to ensure production including quality.


When suppliers abroad are no longer able to deliver.

At the insolvent company, the suppliers and production were managed until the relocation to the new supplier or a partial final processing from the site. The new supplier was supported in setting up production, processes and SCM until release.

The production or the supplier can no longer be saved.

At the insolvent company, the suppliers and production were managed until the relocation to the new supplier or a partial final processing from the site. The new suppliers were supported in setting up the production, the processes and SCM until the release.

New products must start up on schedule.

For the new equipment production (mass production start), the planning of production and material procurement was taken over. The Coordination with suppliers was carried out, taking into account the avoidance of cannibalization of all products. In coordination with the Sales and Development Department, a production ramp-up was initiated on the basis of the forecast. This was then transferred to a standard process. In particular, the control of the bottleneck supplier was supervised. At the same time, the process for runout management, including final cover, was redefined.



One production site has to be closed.

Here, we created the work packages for the individual affected areas and carried out the respective risk assessment. We accompanied the control of production up to closure, including the recycling of residual materials (final covering).

When the machines stop and the half-finished parts pile up in the factory.

The process gaps were identified together with the customer. The processes were designed and optimized so that they could be planned in production. The setup times were optimally adjusted with the production plan. As a result, a regular and measurable output was achieved.

When the market requires parallel production abroad.

We took over the project management for the transfer abroad for the customer. We managed the material transfer abroad and established parallel production. Subsequently, we completed the optimization of the logistics chain with the team in the target country.


At ion3, process management views individual process steps as a whole. Our work recognizes each person’s contribution at every step of the process. We achieve results through teamwork with our client: planning, organizing, policymaking, and meeting value targets. Our proven success is based on productive communication and cooperation with all stakeholders throughout the consultancy.



What will your future look like? A vision provides a target for your business and the motivation to achieve it. Beyond economic indicators and outcomes, developing a vision needs to consider leadership, strategy, and other key aspects of a successful organization. A clear vision stimulates creative ideas and guides the development of a solid plan to achieve your targets.



There are many scientific approaches to restructuring a business, such as process organization, network-centric organization, and process reengineering. The structure of your business should focus on achieving your vision. The more flexible and dynamic your business becomes, the easier it will be to adapt to and benefit from the inevitable changes to your business environment.



Transformation can be challenging, but it can catalyze strong growth. Markets continually change and will disrupt your business. Proactively transforming your business will improve your ability to respond to disruptions and take advantage of new market opportunities.


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Our Team

Complicated tasks? Challenges are our business.
Our deep network contains strategic and creative facets to develop future perspectives.

Process manager and founder

Silke Gehrke

Silke has 20 years’ experience in process management and founded ion3 in 2004. Her extensive knowledge in SCM is proven in strategic buisness transformations across a range of sectors. She skillfully navigates complex procedures and processes and leads projects effectively and efficiently. Silke brings her passion for change to each consultancy and she strongly connects with other people to transform your processes.

Proces manager and partner

Christoph Mokwa

Christoph’s strong scientific and business knowledge influences his approach to projects. The effectiveness of his process-oriented style of work is best demonstrated in supply chain management and process automation. His creative thinking gives him a unique perspective to help generate innovative solutions to business process challenges. Christoph brings people together regardless of their position, cultural background, or language to design processes and structures that are ready for the future.


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